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Our Vision 

Our vision is to be the number one place for traders of any caliber, to learn, share, and trade. We create tools and provide services such as trading signals, trading view indicators, Ai bot trading, and mentorship. We believe that with the right tools everyone can succeed in the markets.

Giving investors clarity

OpticAlgo was developed as a result of technical analysis industry innovation with a relentless attention on user experience & feedback. The new generation of investors may select from hundreds of tools and have access to an infinite quantity of data. Many people may find this to be intimidating and confusing.

OpticAlgo has developed a robust toolbox using the community input methodology. It is compatible with well-known programmes, allowing for clarity in every investor's technical analysis experience and assisting in wiser global trading.

By offering more than just technical analysis, we can provide traders with a more comprehensive and holistic trading experience. In addition to technical analysis, we offer services such as fundamental analysis, which helps traders to evaluate the financial health and performance of a company or asset. We also provide news and market analysis to keep traders informed about market events and trends.


Our portfolio management tools and services help traders to optimize and manage their portfolios, including through asset allocation and diversification. Our educational resources, such as trading courses, webinars, and articles, can help traders to improve their skills and knowledge. These additional features and services allow traders to make more informed and effective trades.

More than just technical analysis 

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