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Investment Analyst

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Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The role of an Investment Analyst at Optic Algo is to

Keep an eye on macroeconomic situations to create opinions and turn them into useful information.

Making presentations at meeting

Using signals and doing constant webinars

help with strategy development to create high quality trading indicators


  • A seasoned trader with a history of successful trades in the public and private markets.

  • Ability to conduct complex analysis and present data in a meaningful way

  • Strong organizational skills and detail orientation

  • Maintain open minded, flexible, and collaborative approach

  • Ability to travel domestic and internationally as needed

About the Company

Our vision is to be the number one place for traders of any caliber, to learn, share, and trade. We create tools and provide services such as trading signals, trading view indicators, Ai bot trading, and mentorship. We believe that with the right tools everyone can succeed in the markets.

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