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  • How To Get Access?
    Follow These Steps For Access To make it as simple as possible, we are only offering 3 plans at this time. You will get an email with the subject "Order Processing" after signing up. This denotes the acceptance of your order. As soon as our staff grants access, we'll let you know by sending you an email with the subject line "Account Active." When you receive that email, all you have to do is reload the page. Please get in touch with our admin team via Discord, email, or live chat if you provided the incorrect Tradingview username and/or do not see it. Please take note that access typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, but it occasionally can take up to 8 hours at busy times.
  • Why do I have to join the discord to use Optic Algo?
    Optic Algo is only one benefit of membership. Daily signals from expert analysts, instructional materials, assistance, weekly trainings, and a group of like-minded traders with whom to exchange and discuss ideas are all included with membership.
  • What is Optic Algo
    An powerful proprietary algorithm called Optic Algo operates round-the-clock in the TradingView charting software. By offering lucrative Buy & Sell signals, it is intended to assist newbies, traders in the intermediate stage, and traders at the expert level in improving their trading approach and outcomes. There are also a few more features available, such as stop loss recommendations and auto support and resistance graphing.
  • Refund Policy
    You can terminate any of your accounts at any time. You are in charge of looking after your account. It is not possible to get a refund after access has been granted and you've gotten an email confirming that your order is complete. If a duplicate payment is made, refunds will be issued.
  • Can I Cancel At Any Time & How Do I Cancel?
    There are several methods for cancelling. You are always free to end your subscription with SharkAlgo. 1. To contact us, use the live chat feature on this page (Bottom, right corner) 2. On Discord, send a message to a moderator or the support staff. 3. You can contact us by email at, and we'll assist you with any problems you may be experiencing. Please give the cancellation up to 12 hours to complete the transaction.
  • How do i access Optic
    Purchase a membership by clicking here to get Optic Algo. After you join up, you'll receive email instructions, and shortly after that, access will be allowed.
  • Does Optic Algo Repaint Signals?
    Optic Algo signals DON'T REPAINT. They manifest in real time and are validated by the candle's closing. Signals can be "repainted" to seem different from how they did originally by changing based on data in the future.
  • I Don’t See Invite-Only Scripts
    You won't see the invite-only scripts until after you've registered and received access to Optic Algo. As soon as our staff grants access, we'll let you know by sending you an email with the subject line "Account Active." When you receive the email, all you have to do is reload the website. Please get in touch with our admin staff through Discord, email, or live chat if you provided the incorrect Tradingview username and/or do not see it. Please be aware that access may not be granted for up to 8 hours..
  • Is This Beginner Friendly?
    Yes. Optic Algo is suitable for beginners. Optic  SharkAlgo includes a training that explains how to use it effectively and take advantage of all of its capabilities. To begin with, until you are comfortable with how Optic Algo operates, we advise paper trading. Numerous platforms provide trial accounts.
  • What Markets & TimeFrames Does It Work On?
    Any worldwide market, including stocks, options, indices, currencies, cryptocurrency trading, futures, and commodities, may be used with Optic Algo. All timescales offered in the trade view charting platform, including 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 1D, and 1W, are compatible with Optic Algo. Optic Algo can be used for swing trading, intraday trading, and scalping. Other built-in features of Optic Algo include take profit and stop loss ideas, auto-support and resistance, an informational dashboard, and more. To strengthen confirmation and increase your win rate, you might use Optic Algo in your current trading approach.
  • Is Optic Algo Available on MetaTrader or Other Platforms Like ThinkorSwim and Robinhood?
    No. is the exclusive host of Optic Algo. Most customers utilise the data provided by Optic Algo and their current brokers to execute trades. Please send an email to for integration to other platforms.
  • Do I Need Tradingview Pro To Use SharkAlgo?
    You are not required to upgrade. Optic Algo functions just as well with TradingView's free edition. You may set alarms and use additional features in the premium editions. This has no impact on Optic Algo's functionality.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Access After Purchasing?
    All activations are manually carried out, and they often take a few minutes to complete. When an order is placed outside of regular business hours, processing might occasionally take up to 8 hours. Join our Discord community and watch the Optic Algo course while you wait for your order to be processed.
  • Do I Need A Tradingview Account To Use It?
    Yes. Only the charting service hosts Optic Algo. The market leader in this area, Tradingview, offers free access. You may locate winning trades using the entire set of tools included in the free edition, which is updated often. Before registering for Optic Algo, go to and establish an account if you don't already have one.
  • Do You Offer A Free Trial For Optic Algo?
    No. Optic Algo is not available for trial. We provide flexible subscriptions with no additional costs. You are free to cancel at any moment if you need to put your account on pause. There are no cancellation costs.
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